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Calcium Sandoz Chewable Tablets

Calcium Sandoz is a 40 year old brand trusted by women and health professionals alike. Calcium Sandoz Woman is made especially for women.

Calcium solidifies bones and gives it the strength to carry out all its functions. The most powerful muscles in your body, which help us to move about and carry out our daily activities, are fixed to our bones. So if your bones are strong and contain all the Calcium they can hold, your body will be agile and healthy.Stocking up your bones early in life with Calcium also helps you withstand the processes of ageing and menopause in later life.

Calcium Sandoz Women tablets can help women to take control of their bone health.

Bones & Calcium:

Calcium imparts strength to bones and teeth. 99% of the body’s Calcium is present in bones. Bones bear the weight of the body. The remaining 1% of Calcium is present in the blood where it performs life saving routine activities such as permitting your heart to pump blood, arrest bleeding after an injury, and carry messages across nerves.

Indications :

* An adjunct to conventional therapy in the arrest or slowing down of bone demineralisation in osteoporosis.

* In the arrest or slowing down of bone demineralisation in osteoporosis where other effective treatment is contra-indicated.

* A supplemental source of calcium in the correction of dietary deficiencies or when normal requirements are high.

* Neonatal hypocalcaemia.

Khatika Churna Calcium Sandoz.250 (A Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine)

Each Chewable uncoated tablet contains:

* Khatika churna 625mg
* Nimbukamlam Shushkam 25mg,


2 tablets daily or as directed by the physician. Protect from heat and light. Keep container tightly closed.


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