Clearasil Ultra Pimple Clearing Cream


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Rapid Action Pimple Clearing Cream
Clinically Proven
Visibly reduces Pimple Size & Redness in Just 4 Hours
New Acceladerm Technology Visibly Clearer Skin

Is this the right product for me?
Yes, If you have pimples and you are looking for effective and targeted action to quickly get rid of them.

How is it different?
It comes from Clearasil – a world renowned specialist pimple care brand. It fights your pimples fast, and is clinically proven to visibly reduce pimples size and redness in just 4 hours!

How does it work?
New Acceladerm technology starts working instantly to deliver maximum strength formula deep into the pores.

How and when do I use it?
Wash face and apply a thin layer directly onto pimples and allow to dry. Use everyday in the morning and evening for visibly clearer skin. Wash hands after use.

Recommended to use Clearasil Daily Use Skin Clearing Gel Facewash everyday to help ontrol pimple breakouts.

Key Ingredients:
Salicylic Acid 2%, Emulsifiers, Emollients, Thickeners, Cooling Agent, Preservatives.

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