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Dhathri Herbal Diavitta Plus – A Herbal Supplement for diabetic Patients with extra energy

Dhathri Herbal Divatta plus is a poly herbal formulation recommended for diabetes If those having side-effects of diabetes like excessive thirst, excessive hunger, tiredness, poor eyesight, excessive urination etc., take Diavita alongwith their medicine, the restlessness due to diabetes will be considerably reduced. It also helps correct the digestive process.

As arejuvenative drug
To regulate insulin level and prevents debilitating effects of diabetics.

Each 500mg capsule is prepared out of:

Njaval (Syzygium cumini) :1350mg
Manjal (Curcuma longa) :1350mg
Nellikka (Emblica officinale) :1350mg
Venga (Pterocarpusmarsupium) :1350mg
Neermaruthu (Terminalia arjuna) 1350mg
Uluva (Trigonella foenumgracium) 1350mg
Arya veppu (Azadirachta indica) :1350mg
Eakanayakam (Salacia reticulata) :1350mg
Karimgeerakam (foeniculum vulgare) :1350mg
Thettamparal (Strychnos potatorum) :1350mg
Amukkuram (withania pruita) :1350mg
Nayakkuruna (Mucuna prurita) :1350mg
Kanmadam (Asphaltum panjabinum) :1350mg

Dosage :
Two capsules in the morning and two capsules in the evening after food as directed by the physicianls.

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