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Dhathri Fairness Face Pack – For a Vibrant, Youthful and Beautiful Skin

In beauty enhancing formulations, Ayurveda gives utmost importance to smearing the pre-mixed preparation on the face for maximum efficacy, the preparation should be washed away before it dries up, as per Ayurveda’s dictates. Dhathri fairness face pack formulated by ‘Varnakaralepavidhi’ penetrates deep into the skin removing pimples, black-spots, dark patches, blackness around the eyes thereby giving glow to the skin.

  • Prepared as per “Varnakaralepa Vidi”
  • Works deep into the pores of the facial skin.
  • Long lasting results
  • The best solution for facial spots, black scars, dark patches under the eyes, white heads, black heads.
  • A total ayurvedic product.
  • Touches the beauty inside within 3 minutes. Here is the new form of Fairness that helps to attain success in life with self confidence.


Saffron, Thamarayalli, Njazhalpoovu Nagapoovu, Rakthachandanam , Yavam Irattimadhuram, Kolarakku,Turmeric, Maramanjal.

Usage pattern:

Wash face throughly.
Smear 5gm Dhatri fairness face pace after mixing with tomato juice/orange juice/honey/curd/rosewater or pure water.
After 3 minutes wash face in cool water.
For oily skin-orange juice/tomato juice.
For dry skin honey/curd/rosewater.
For regular skin-pure water.

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100 ml


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